Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are a new breed of business owners that are a mix of solopreneurs and fully leveraged business owners that have reprioritized our lives, and have created new rules on how we interact with our businesses.

How can you spot a lifestyle entrepreneur?

  • We design businesses around our life, not the other way around.
  • We are not interested in making billions, but are not shutting ourselves from the abundance and flow that exists.
  • We are most likely a socially conscious entrepreneur with a clearly defined reason why we exist, who we serve and what we stand for.
  • We engage in businesses that inspire us and add value to the marketplace.
  • We care most about flexibility and we work hard when we need to.
  • We usually place a high value towards family and community/social service.
  • Unlike philanthropists, we only choose businesses that make a difference AND make a profit.
  • We are more likely to use technology and systems than people to create leverage in our business. If we have people on our team, the staff/leadership teams are generally smaller in number than typical companies of equivalent revenue size.
  • We are more likely to hire independent consultants than employees.
  • We are likely to have virtual businesses.
  • We are generally more generous with sharing in the financial success with our teams.
  • We are likely to have a strong culture and shared vision that everyone on the team understands and stands behind.
  • We are more creative, able to change quickly as the circumstances change in the marketplace.
  • We are less attached to the business, and more committed to the business vision being fulfilled.

If you consider yourself a lifestyle entrepreneur, shout out what you do and what you find to be most rewarding about this innovative way to be in business.

Seasons of Life

Those committed to “lifestyle design” surely understand that the journey is not well documented. Most of us know the: “go to school”, “get a degree”, “get a job”, “get married”, “get a house”, “retire”, and then “live life” journey. Who are our examples of those ordinary folks (not the gurus) who have designed their lives, careers and families around a value-centric life design model? Well, I do not profess to be a guru, but I do admit to being someone who is willing to stay the course on this (for me) uncharted path. I share this journey with others as part of my own completion process, trusting that it will make a difference for someone besides little ole me. Here goes:

I have been reflecting a lot about my last 13 years of life in terms of Seasons.

v  1999 was winter

v  Early 2000 was spring (I knew I was leaving Corp America at the end of 1999 and was preparing for a new future)

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