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Welcome to the Club Freedom blog site! This blog is intended to bring together a community of like-minded people who are committed to a life of FREEDOM!  Better said, this community is primarily intended for those who have recently quit their jobs and never want to go back to corporate america, for those who have been entrepreneurs or

A Winner’s Mindset

In the Eyes Wide Shut article, I described the games people play with their finances. The purpose was to make people aware of the financial path we are all on and to help readers determine what path they want to be on. I highlighted the difference between a default financial future and an intended financial future. This article is for readers who want to

Eyes Wide Shut-Defining a New Financial Future

Everyone has a financial future. We are either consciously creating that future or unconsciously accepting a default financial future. An intended future, one that meets our needs and wants, requires a plan. Here’s a sports analogy: Think of your financial goals as playing a game. We need to understand the rules of whatever game we

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are a new breed of business owners that are a mix of solopreneurs and fully leveraged business owners that have reprioritized our lives, and have created new rules on how we interact with our businesses. How can you spot a lifestyle entrepreneur? We design businesses around our life, not the other way around.

Seasons of Life

Those committed to “lifestyle design” surely understand that the journey is not well documented. Most of us know the: “go to school”, “get a degree”, “get a job”, “get married”, “get a house”, “retire”, and then “live life” journey. Who are our examples of those ordinary folks (not the gurus) who have designed their lives,

“The Red pill”

On April 1, 2000, I was on a flight to Maui, Hawaii.  It was my first trip to Hawaii and my first official day of freedom.  My life experiences have since been classified as pre-Hawaii or post-Hawaii.  I’ve often described April 1, 2000 as the fateful day where I chose the “red pill.”  I’ve since considered on a number of more